Jesse Allen Gallery Part 2

Jesse has an admiration for birds in general, and black swans in particular, (and I have a big swan tattoo on my back to prove it!) This is a recent watercolor called “Island in the Lagoon.” I watched Jesse painting this one day when he had just started it, and he was drawing the preliminary […]

Jesse Allen Gallery

(Jesse and his African Grey Parrot, Calliope, circa 1972) Jesse Allen Jesse was born in 1936 in Kenya, the scion of a distinguished British family that had immigrated to Africa a century before. He was educated at Oxford, studying languages, and moved to the San Francisco area in the early 1960s, where he taught at […]

Best Friends

I am the trainer for all the parrot staff at Best Friends, the largest “no kill” animal shelter in the world, which is located in Utah. They recently
published an article about my work for them.

Trip Report to Letterman Show

In May 2000 I went to New York for a wedding, and lucked into tickets to see David Letterman. Here is the trip report I posted to the Letterman newsgroup. If you are not a Letterman fan, much of this will bewilder you.

Creationism v. Evolution

Can Creationism and Evolution be reconciled? Decide for yourself.


In August 1999 I spent 12 days in Ecuador climbing mountains and so forth. Would you like to read of my adventures there? Of course you would!

Redline Article

This article was solicited by CITYSEARCH Webzine, it is about REDLINE, a locally produced game.


This contains my recent article on Quake internet gaming, and other Quake-oriented material and links.

Chris Davis

Chris Davis “The Bird Lady” Page, information on her new video and other services she provides for parrot owners.