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Me stuff:

The above picture of me on the left is about 25 years and 25 pounds ago.
I posted it anyway because it is my favorite picture, and it
was handy. I find that more recent pictures tend to disturb my mental image
of myself as a spritely youth of about 22. Thanks to my sister Kay for shooting it.
Thanks also to Schazi, who now resides with the morning stars. For those who
cannot tolerate the thought of me using such an old picture, please
check out the August 2003 shot of me on the right. Thanks to Andrys
for the new shot!

Last, I am proud to include a September 2006 shot of me with my beautiful daughters Gianna and Nadia!

Sorry that the pictures are not arranged more elegantly, I am kind of a dunce when it comes to HTML coding.

More me stuff:

Divorced, born 3-27-54 in Winston-Salem, NC.
turn-ons: Music, motorcycles, pretty girls, my parrots Briseïs and Curly.
turn-offs: Nuclear war, death by torture, TV news “happy talk,” rude waiters.

I was born Chase Kimball, with no middle name, but my parents
thought that Chase was too high-falutin’ a name for such a small
baby, so my father took to calling me “Little Poop.” When I was
about 2 1/2 years old, a friend of the family named George Mitton
decided that I was going to get a complex if I kept being called this,
and gave me the nickname of “Kim.” My family has called me Kim
ever since. This saintly individual later taught me to tie my shoes.
Thank you George, wherever you are.



The Law Firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, where I am a valued partner.
Contact me at work at 801.746.6300.

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8 East 300 South, Suite 410
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.