Chris Davis

Yours truly

Chris Davis is one of the best known and most respected avian behaviorists in the world. She is proud to announce the release
of her new video “Demystifying Pet Bird Behavior.” To order this video, please send a check or MO for $41.09 (includes shipping) to:

P.O. Box 540248
North Salt Lake, UT 84054

Be sure to include complete mailing and telephone information. Please allow time for your check to clear. The video will be sent first-class mail. For further information, please call 801-298-9093.

Chris is also justly famous for her bird behavior consultations. She is happy to do phone consultations for those who cannot come to her in Southern California, and can be reached at 818-355-2267, or telefax 818-355-6824. Examples of what she can assist you with are the problems of properly socializing your new baby, especially the difficult weaning period if you are unfortunate enough to be hoodwinked into taking an unweaned baby without proper hand-feeding instructions. She also is an expert on virtually all the popular parrots and can help you pick out the companion that is right for you and your family/living situation. She will also advise you on taming the wild or unruly pet, and give excellent advice on food, toys, caging, etc., for your little feathered sweetheart. If you are having any kind of problems like those mentioned above, CALL CHRIS TODAY!!

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!! Call Chris for help with those unruly birds.

E-mail Chris Directly! (not for ordering, however): Birdie Mail

ATTENTION! The above email link should not be used for getting free advice! Chris does intensive study of her clients, and it is simply not practical for her to advise someone through email. She welcomes ideas for her columns, and general hellos, however. If she gets overwhelmed with mail I will have no choice but to remove this link, so please don’t abuse it.